Jeffery Mowery

Managing Partner, Founder

Michael Deering

Tax Partner, Director of Taxes

Michael Kidd

Assurance Partner, Director of Transaction Advisory Services

Jonathan Smith

Technology Partner, Director of Xamin

Emo Dellanina

Client Accounting Services

Stefan Beal

Assurance Partner, Director of Assurance

Matthew Schoenfeld

Admin Partner, Director of Admin

Matthew Schoenholtz

Client Accounting Services Partner, Director of Client Accounting Services

Keith Schoenfeld

Founder, Wealth Partner

Tim Long

Assurance Partner

Jed Ang

Tax Partner, Director of International Operations

Ann Kidd

Senior Director of Talent & Brand

Andy Coutts

Director of Quality Control

Christopher Madden

Director of Information Technology

Jessica Curran

Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition & Retention

Cody Daniels

Senior Tax Manager

Justin Goetz

Senior Tax Manager

Mark Hallgren

Senior Transaction Advisory Manager

Jeff Pechan

Senior Assurance Manager

Ryan Olliges

Senior Assurance Manager

Sheila Pope

Senior Client Accounting Services Manager

Cameron Richey

Senior Assurance Manager

Patricia Schreiber

Senior Client Accounting Services Manager

Nicole Zambetti

Senior Client Accounting Services Manager

Tyler Lohrmann

Client Accounting Services Manager

Zach Migut

Assurance Manager

Jeremy Ou

Audit Manager

Seth Points

Tax Manager

Iryna Prokhorov

Accounting Manager