Transaction Structuring

Setting the Foundation for Success

The M&A team at Mowery & Schoenfeld provides expert advice on structuring a deal that offers the greatest advantage to our client. We build out various alternatives, assess the implications of each, and then help you choose the structure that offers the greatest business, financial, and tax benefits in alignment with your overall objectives.

Finding the Structure that’s Best for You

Every transaction structure has its pros and cons. Some of the most common transactions are:

  • Purchase of the target company’s outstanding capital stock
  • Acquisition of the seller’s assets and liabilities, including tangible and intellectual property, equipment and machinery, inventory, accounts receivables, cash and more
  • A negotiated merger in which one company remains and the other is dissolved; the survivor retains the ownership and other rights previously held by both companies
  • A two-step merger in which tender offers are followed by a squeeze-out, and shareholder approval is not required 

Primary Contacts

Michael Kidd

Assurance Partner, Director of Transaction Advisory Services
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