Business Tax

Bringing You Strategic, Relevant Tax Advice

Effective tax advice is about more than the technicalities — it’s about the specifics of your business and its objectives. We believe that staying informed about the changes in your business and industry, while keeping you informed about changes in relevant tax and reporting laws will allow us to develop a proactive, well executed tax strategy that is in line with your overarching business goals.

Tax Advice Tailored to Your Business

You didn’t create your business to be a clone of every other business out there, so why should your tax advisor think a one-size-fits-all approach would work for you? Your tax solutions should be as unique as your business, and it should be reflective not only of compliance with the applicable tax law, but also of your mission, vision, and values.

Whether you’re a corporation, a partnership, or something in between, at Mowery & Schoenfeld, our highly knowledgeable tax consultants are committed to giving proactive tax advice tailored to your business. We work with you to gain a deep understanding of your business tax concerns, keeping in mind the tax positions of all related parties. This integrated approach allows us to do what’s best for both you and your business, allowing you to reap the benefits of full compliance and good standing with tax authorities, as well as minimized tax liability and burdens both now and in the future. 

High-Touch Approach

With the exception of year-end and tax deadlines, you probably spend most of your time focusing on running your business, not on chatting with your accountant. We want to change that. By trusting us as your business advisors, rather than just your accountants, you’re letting us in to your daily operations and allowing us to make sure you have the financial data and expertise necessary to make informed decisions.

When you consider the tax implications and requirements of your decisions while you’re making them, rather than after it’s too late, you’re taking steps to:

  • Minimize your overall income tax liability
  • Limit interest and penalty payments
  • Decrease the probability of an IRS audit
  • Make the best business decisions

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