Transaction Advisory Services

Providing the Right Advice

Navigating the complex and often high-risk situations involved in planning and structuring a merger and acquisition transaction can be one of the most daunting tasks many organizations will face. While merging with or acquiring another business may offer a way to grow your business quickly, there is a high level of uncertainty inherent in these transactions. Mowery & Schoenfeld offers a range of merger and acquisition (M&A) services to help our clients address the uncertainty throughout the transaction, increasing their probability of success.

Guiding You Through Your Transaction

At Mowery & Schoenfeld, we’re with you every step of the way, helping you:

  • Balance the rewards with the risks
  • Gain confidence in the transaction with due diligence
  • Structure the best deal for your needs
  • Improve your negotiating position
  • Close the deal
  • Expedite a smooth transition

Primary Contacts

Michael Kidd

Assurance Partner, Director of Transaction Advisory Services
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