Gary Hart

Gary Hart

Tax Partner

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Gary joined the Firm as a partner in January 2016 with our acquisition of  Gary Hart & Associates, Ltd. He brings over 30 years of insight and knowledge in individual tax and financial planning and closely-held business matters.

His passion for his specialties is evident in his contributions to the profession. Gary was named one of “America’s Best Tax Practitioners” by Money Magazine. Gary has co-authored a course on Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates, lectured extensively for the AICPA and Illinois CPA Society, delivered the keynote address at the AICPA Financial Planning Conference and lectured before a wide variety of corporate and educational groups.

A fan of sunny days, Gary loves a good Sox game or a day on the golf course. He and his wife also enjoy evenings at the theatre or with their children and grandchildren.


What is most rewarding about being an accountant?

After the many years I have spent in the tax profession, honing my skills and dealing with fabulous clients, I still find it a noble profession. CPA’s are regularly rated at the top of all lists of the most trusted professionals. We have the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with individuals and businesses, help them in areas that are highly specialized, work with them to save taxes, often in very meaningful ways, and assist them with achieving their personal financial goals and business goals. And, if we’re fortunate, we are able to earn the client’s trust, respect, and friendship, along the way.

In your own words, what’s different about Mowery & Schoenfeld?

When we were looking for firms suitable for merger, the thing that stuck out about Mowery & Schoenfeld was its commitment to fostering a culture where young people wanted to work, thrive, and grow. We found that to be unique.