Advisory Services

Our Advisory Process

Today, technology and cybersecurity must be an integrated part of achieving your business goals. At Xamin, our mission is to help organizations have a clear understanding of how technology provide a strategic advantage.

In order to have success in your business, it is important to be adaptable and forward-thinking. By understanding the company’s vision and current technology state, we can create an IT strategy that ensures you and your systems keep up with the organization’s growth.

To create the roadmap for your organization, we first need to understand the business and is goals. With this information, we can then create timelines, strategies, and expectations that are achievable and actionable with quarterly check-ins and and ongoing consulting services.

PHASE 1: Strategic Assessment

In the initial strategic review, we will provide a comprehensive, technical system exploration to highlight the strengths and weaknesses within your organization to create a three-year technology roadmap. The phase will include, but is not limited to:

• Initial onboarding
• Network, security and vulnerability scans
• Baseline risk analysis
• Detailed report with actionable findings
• Strategic planning meeting to discuss identified areas of risk, potential solutions, and IT goals

PHASE 2: Quarterly Reviews

Once a quarter, we will meet to review your strategic plan and assess the success of its implementation. During this time our discussion will include, but is not limited to:

• Review of three-year timeline, including key milestones
• Asset, health, and vulnerability reporting
• Update on any changes to strategic plans
• Applicable current events or business news
• Project updates
• Budgetary planning

PHASE 3: Ongoing Advisory

When major events occur, we will be available to provide trusted guidance. Routine calls or advice are included with any IT Advisory contract, with additional projects assessed as needed. Advisory events may include, but are not limited to:

• Monthly asset, health, and vulnerability reporting
• Vendor due diligence
• Consulting resources from technical professionals
• Guide new solution integration
• IT team assessments and staffing strategies

Why do I need Strategic IT Advisory Services?

For 10 consecutive years, the cost of a data breach has continued to rise. Based on the 2021 IBM Data Breach Report, the average cost rose nearly 10% in 2021 to 4.24 million in just one year. Last year, the average breach took more than 200 days to fully identify and another 87 to contain. Nearly 17.5% of all breaches in 2021 were at least, in part, caused by a remote workforce. These breaches were nearly 25% more costly.

For those organizations with a strong compliance engine, the cost of a breach, if it occurred at all, was nearly 65% less that those without. As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, the ability to detect and remediate becomes more challenging. Protect your company by making technology and cybersecurity a critical piece of your overall business strategy.