Tax Planning

Dotting the i’s and Crossing the t’s in your Transaction

When you’re beginning to plan for an M&A transaction it can be easy to overlook something like tax planning, because the implications of your tax positions won’t be translated into dollars until long after the deal is closed. Developing and implementing a tax strategy for the transaction from day one can help prevent regrets later on, and it’ll let you get the details just right.

The M&A team at Mowery & Schoenfeld has the specialized knowledge and expertise to help you take advantage of the favorable tax positions available to you — now and in the future. From the early stages of deal structuring through the post-transaction stage, we create tax strategies that help our clients minimize their tax burdens, leaving them with more resources to better operate their companies.

How We Help

At Mowery & Schoenfeld, we look at your big picture, including your business objectives and factors that may impact your business in the future. Our approach emphasizes thinking beyond the transaction to help you make tax decisions now that are in line with your long-term business goals.

We offer tax strategy services for buy-side, sell-side and restructuring transactions:

  • Buy-Side Transaction Services
    The professionals at Mowery & Schoenfeld help you navigate tax issues, risks and opportunities; improve your future earnings; and increase operating efficiencies and return on investment.
  • Sell-Side Transaction Services
    Mowery & Schoenfeld helps you increase shareholders’ returns; consider alternative tax strategies before the deal closes; and understand how to use existing assets for a favorable retirement.
  • Restructuring Transaction Services
    We help you: create and implement strategies that align the transaction with your long-term goals; understand the tax implications of restructuring alternatives; reinvigorate your company while protecting your capital; reap the value of tax assets; and minimize tax costs. If you are undertaking a distressed company restructuring, we can also help you analyze bankruptcy options and choose a suitable exit strategy.

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