Matter & Substance
  May 29, 2014

Book Review by Jeff Mowery: “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek

"Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action" was Simon Sinek's first effort and was written in 2009. I recently discovered it and thought it would be helpful for entrepreneurs.

This book is based on what Sinek refers to as "the golden circle" which includes the "Why" in the middle, followed by "How" with "What" on the outside. The theme is that having the proper understanding of "Why" you do what you do will inspire others to follow. The leader must clearly and consistently communicate "Why" the organization exists and that every action is in furtherance of its singular purpose. Sinek states that this is how to find employees, customers, and partners that will be a good fit for an organization and remain loyal. This approach allows for long-term success. That is, the success will last as long as the "Why" remains clear.

This book offers a different way to approach business. It is a plan for communicating what a person or organization really stands for. The plan is designed to provide a sustainable method to building quality relationships that are mutually beneficial and satisfying. The golden circle is a simple description of a communication process that has been shown to be effective in many organizations. This is a business model that seems to work on many levels and results in more profit, repeat business, less stress, and less turnover and waste.

Sinek notes that organizations that understand their "Why" can be early adopters of innovation and benefit from changes as they occur.

Sinek repeats the main concepts several times and also provides multiple illustrations to drive the point home. They might be a little redundant at times, so you may just want to watch his video. The video can be found at