Matter & Substance
  March 10, 2014

Why Businesses Need to Constantly Grow and Improve

In my career as a CPA, I have seen many successful organizations. All of these prospering companies have one thing in common - they are continually seeking growth and improvement. They are driven by leaders who want to be bigger and better.

Businesses can improve themselves in a number of ways. They can grow their top line and enhance their people and internal processes. These businesses can develop leaders. They can devise and implement strategies designed to assure long-term success.

Businesses that take a proactive approach to growth are better able to react to changes in the marketplace or in the fundamental assumptions that affect what they are doing. They can keep their balance when the rug is pulled out.

Businesses committed to growth continually improve their customer base. They can be more selective and work with the right customers. These are customers that make buying decisions based on value not on price.

People want to work for companies that are growing and improving. They always have a sense of how the business is performing and meeting its goals. The best people want the opportunities that a growing company can provide. If the business isn't growing, the best aren't staying.

Growing companies have more resources to invest in the business. They are able to experiment, take risks and think outside the box.

The legendary sports owner Al Davis told the Oakland Raiders "just win, baby." Businesses win in the long run through their commitment to growth and improvement.


"Control your own destiny or someone else will." - Jack Welch