Matter & Substance
  August 5, 2014

A True Vacation

I recently returned from the longest vacation I've taken since we started the firm 18 years ago. I was gone two full weeks traveling to Italy, Greece and Turkey. It was amazing!

I'm one of those vacationers that generally stays connected to the office no matter where I travel, however on this trip, due to internet accessibility and other logistical problems, I was forced to disconnect.

Wow! I'm still reaping the benefits of a true vacation.

The lack of communication with the office allowed me to truly disengage. I feel refreshed and renewed. But above all, I feel even more grateful for the incredible team of employees at Mowery & Schoenfeld who didn't miss a beat (or probably me)!

If it's been a while since you've disconnected for an extended period of time, I highly recommend it. It's good for you and for your business.


"Learning never exhausts the mind." - Leonardo da Vinci