Matter & Substance
  November 27, 2017

StandOut 2.0 Book Review

I am attending a conference in December where the keynote speaker is Marcus Buckingham. I reviewed and read his book StandOut 2.0.

Marcus had previously published "First, Break All the Rules," and "Now, Discover Your Strengths." These books helped millions come to the realization that to get the most out of people, you must build their strengths.

The book leads the reader to find their strengths through a series of through provoking questions on a website. You discover that you possess two dominant strengths. You apply these in what you do. The secret is to encourage your genius, remember who you are, and continually sharpen your edge.

The nine strength roles are:

  • Advisor
  • Connector
  • Creator
  • Equalizer
  • Influencer
  • Pioneer
  • Provider
  • Stimulator

One typically identifies with two roles.

The author then dissects each role follows:

  • You, at your most powerful
  • How to describe yourself (in interviews and performance reviews)
  • How to make an immediate impact
  • How to take your performance to the next level
  • What to watch out for
  • How to win as a manager
  • How to win in sales
  • How to win in client service
  • How to manage me

My strength roles are Advisor and Pioneer. What are yours?