Matter & Substance
  April 7, 2014

Moments of Truth

Every organization no matter how big or small has moments of truth.

Moments of truth are often felt when core values are challenged - usually by external forces. How a business reacts during these moments speaks volumes about the organization.

Here are three examples of moments of truth most organizations encounter. How did you, or how would you, react?

#1: To keep, or not to keep

Companies hate losing clients. However, there are times you may discover a client is not a good fit for your organization. When presented with a decision on whether to protect employees or to protect your customer, it becomes a moment of truth. How you make that decision and whether you follow your core values will affect the people in your organization and your long-term success.

#2: Team disruptions

When team members do not perform or act appropriately, another moment of truth is presented. Do you ignore it until it can't be ignored any longer, or do you proactively address the situation? Another key decision point that will say a lot about what type of company you are building and what type of employees you want to keep.

#3: Choosing the high road

Of course every organization wants to do the right things. However, there are many opportunities for shortcuts and doing things you know will deliver less than your best. What path does your organization choose?

Every moment of truth puts your core values to the test.

It's crucial to clearly define your core values, communicate them effectively throughout the organization and live by them every day. However, the best way to successfully engage your employees in your core values is to make sure your leaders demonstrate them in every decision they make - especially in moments of truth.


"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." - Henry Ford