Matter & Substance
  February 21, 2018

Four tips on making your marketing emails a blast

No business owner wants to send out spam emails. Even the term "email blast," the practice of launching a flurry of targeted messages at customers and prospects, has mixed connotations these days. Yet email remains a viable and even necessary communication channel. 

Here are four tips on making your marketing emails a blast (in the fun and informative sense) and keeping them out of recipients' spam folders:

1. Craft a catchy subject line.

It should be no longer than eight words and shouldn't be in all caps. Put yourself in the customer's place, particularly considering his or her demographic, and ask yourself whether you would even open the email. Also, clearly indicate the message's content. Example: Office Supplies Blowout! 30% Year-End Discount

2. Write a compelling headline.

The first thing readers see upon opening an email is the headline, so make it: 

  • Different from the subject line,
  • Short (four to five words),
  • A larger font size than the body of the message,
  • and Persuasive.

Example: Rock Your Stockroom Now

3. Make it quick, keep it simple.

Most people will read very little text and may not wait for slow-loading images. So think of each marketing email as an "elevator speech," a quick and concise pitch for specific products or services. And keep images relatively small and easy to download.

Customers want to fulfill their needs at a reasonable price; don't expect them to search for answers about whether you can meet these expectations. Tell them why they should buy. Example: Buying office supplies in bulk will not save you time and money throughout the year.

4. Close with a "call to action."

Instill a sense of urgency in readers by setting a deadline and telling them precisely what to do. Otherwise, they may interpret the email as merely informational and file it away for reference or simply delete it. Be sure to include clear, "clickable" contact info. Example: Offer expires November 30.