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  January 23, 2017

Aspen Valley…The Future So Bright You Gotta Wear Shades!

Our long standing clients John and Shara Weaver sold their business, Aspen Valley Landscape Supply, Inc. , to SiteOne Landscaping last week. The Weavers have operated the business for the last 30 years and build a very valuable enterprise through smart decisions and hard work. Shara Weaver founded the company in 1987 and her husband, John, joined her in 1995 after he sold his interest in another business.

The Weavers have built an outstanding management team which have allowed them to live outside Illinois for the past 17 years. They have been truly committed to their employees who were a primary concern during the sales process. John typically sends out flash reports on sales activity. With his permission, I am sharing the most recent one, which says a lot about how you can manage a company remotely.


Good Morning!!

It has been a while since my last morning update. A lot has been going on and well...I am slower than I used to be.

Thirty years ago today Shara was on her hands and knees scrubbing the floors in a rundown office/warehouse at the corner of 159th and Parker. The Moran property has some outside storage capability for some used Railroad Ties. She opened the doors of Aspen Valley Landscape Supply on March 1, 1987.

So Happy Anniversary, everyone!!

Look at what has grown from that seed planted 30 years ago. Four locations...over 40 families supported by what they do...and the recognized leaders in what they do in this market.

Look at the growth of people. Every one of you have had some role in seeing the company grow and prosper. Angel, 20 years of driving. Marcello, Chava, and Justo...almost 20 years of being the best yard team in the industry! Gretchen and Larry doing everything from painting to importing pricing into the computer. And, more recently, Athena, who has been just awesome in all things accounting.

And Chris Lehe...someone who has done only one thing for Aspen Valley. That one thing is ANYTHING that was asked of him!!

And Jake...Larry, you should be so proud of him. Yesterday, I was on a call that Jake he controlled it. It was with a company called Ernst & Young. They do numbers...and more numbers...and ask a million questions why the numbers are what they are. Jake had complete control of all responses. We are so fortunate to have him be leading the company...

Along with Bill. Wow...Shara says that scrawny kid of 27 years ago. Now the main guy!! Bill has always done whatever the company or the Weaver's ever asked of him. He baby sat our kids, he watched our house, he watched over Aspen Valley...and now he leads it. Thank you falls way short of expressing our appreciation.

No words can say Thank You to all of you for...being you and what you do! more rearview mirror!

Bill said it the other day...the Weaver's just gave everyone an Anniversary gift. Aspen Valley is now a SiteOne Company! A company that will be here for the 50th Anniversary and 75Th and so on! A company that offers security and opportunity beyond what the Weaver's could offer and provide at this time in our lives.

Someday I will total up the number of companies and people who have made overtures at buying Aspen Valley. It has been quite a few. Only ONE of them would have passed the first key test. What will they do with our people? SiteOne has spent the last two weeks talking about people. They hire Ernst & Young to talk about numbers!!

The future so bright you gotta wear shades!!

So sorry to be so long...but one more "Thank You." My dad used to say...give me my roses when I am alive. Thank you for giving me all these roses over the last 23 years. Thank you for letting me use Flash Sales as a soapbox to spew my conservative values!!

Thank you and we will see you as we build out Pinegree Grove and.....!!!

Have a great day!