2015 Busy Season – It’s A Wrap

  Spring 2015

We completed our 19th busy season on April 15. That date marks the end of a nearly four month effort to help our clients meet their financial reporting commitments and tax obligations.

This was once again a challenging time, as the compression of work into a very short period puts our people and internal systems to the test. We successfully met this year’s challenge for three reasons.

First and foremost, we have an incredible team of dedicated professionals who come to work every day to learn and grow as professionals. One of my young colleagues, Ian Hanke, noted “Sure, busy season is a lot of work, but it is still fun to come and see everyone at the Firm.” I personally feel a deep sense of pride in our team and really appreciate all that they do.

Second, we have really great internal systems that are really state-of-the-art in our industry. Our internal procedures allow us to stretch our capacity and meet our clients’ needs.

Third, there was a new law that was in place this year due to the issuance of the Tangible Property Regulations (TPR) by the IRS in late 2013. This required many clients to make additional one-time tax filings and to analyze repairs and maintenance expenses and capital expenditures from prior years. Our TPR team got a big jump on this additional work and we were able to avoid doing this work at the peak time.

Busy season is much like running a marathon. It is a long journey, but the last few miles are where one really gets put to the test. Our team was able to pass the test with flying colors and sprint to the end.