We have a long working relationship with Mowery & Schoenfeld and our needs are always met.
– Paul & Karen Weinewuth
May, 2017
Great treatment, smart associates, good advice.
– Nicholas & Molly Halper
May, 2017
Michael Kidd is like a partner, not just a guy who will review some numbers.
– Monica Weaver
Carmel Hill Capital Partners, LLC
May, 2017
Outstanding Professional Corporation: adept, conscientious, truly professional.
– Michael & Karen Hackney
June, 2017
Jennie and I have been with Scott Rubin for quite along time. He's the BEST!!
– Mark & Jennie Lepp
May, 2017
My continued experience as a M&S client
– Mark & Elke Elliott
May, 2017
I have been very pleased with the responses of Mr McGrath to my needs and concerns over the years I no longer have a company as I'm now retired..
– Margaret Power
May, 2017
Quality operation
– Lynn & Jane Snow
June, 2017
Integrity and transparency. Professionalism and meticulous attention to detail.
– Laxman & Hema Mohan
May, 2017
Long association with firm, based on professional, pleasant, timely service. Always recommending firm to others.
– Lawrence & Marla Elsberg
June, 2017
Anthony Cullotta......He is always there for me and more importantly for my familys' business . He is a professional through and through and a really good person.
– Lauran McNelly
McNelly Services
June, 2017
Diana and team are informed about our organization and do their best to accommodate our office schedule. They try to make the audit process as efficient and unobtrusive as possible.
– Larry Neal
Mothers Trust Foundation
May, 2017
My personal relationship with Jeff has not changed over the over the over 30 years we have done business together. Even though I am retired and not as active as before I feel I have always been treated as though I am your most important client. I appreciate that greatly. Ken Mackowiak
– Kenneth & Linda Mackowiak
July, 2017
I have worked with Ken McGrath for approximately 24 years. He has helped me whenever I had questions and guided me to properly prepare my taxes. I trust his judgements!
– Kenneth & Ann Schwing
June, 2017
Michael Kidd is amazing, has been a great partner so far. For any search funds out there looking for an accountant, I recommend Mike to every one of them.
– Keegan Dum
Fiduciam Capital, LLC
June, 2017
Happy customer - Amergent
– Kalil Diaz
Amergent Capital, LLC
June, 2017
I've been a client of Jeff's for over 20 years. Always attentive service.
– Joseph & Ruth Plandowski
May, 2017
Great service. And great value.
– Jorge Gonzalez
Sabino Equity Partners, LLC
June, 2017
– Joni Rosenfeld
May, 2017
Excellent work, responsiveness to inquiries, someone is always available to answer questions.
– John & Victoria Schnure
June, 2017
I have always been thoroughly satisfied with the expertise and service provided. Concerns are promptly addressed and handled in a professional manner. I have the upmost confidence in the service provided by Mowery & Schoenfeld, LLC.
– John & Patricia Villard
May, 2017
Although a small business owner - I always feel like they give me the big business treatment. Very thorough in their work, responsive and proactive.
– John & Michele Jackson
May, 2017
Very happy with the service provided by the team at Mowery and Schoenfield.
– John & Melinda McLellan
May, 2017
Scott Rubin was extremely kind and helpful after my mother died, and my father was incapacitated. He helped me, as the POA, do things I had never done before.
– John & Maybelle Maloney
May, 2017
I've used M&S for over 20 years and have never had a single problem, no matter how complex a situation we might be dealing with.
– John & Mary Pohl
June, 2017
Service that has been provided for years is excellent.
– John Brust
Integrity Builders, Inc.
June, 2017
Responsive and excellent communication
– Jeffrey & Sandy Randall
May, 2017
always professional, always looking out for what's best for the client
– Jeffrey & Ingrid Dillon
June, 2017
Great service
– Jeffrey & Carol Lowy
May, 2017
I believe my ratings are true and honest.
– Jeffrey & Barbara Kutchin
June, 2017
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