Success Stories

Traditional Concepts, Inc.

Building New Traditions for Successful Business

Solid business planning and long-term strategic development cemented Ted Brown’s success in the remodeling industry. Traditional Concepts Inc. quickly flourished from a small start-up into a powerhouse of profit and productivity using a systematic approach that supported clients and the team that served them.

“We turned a lot of growing pains into opportunities for improvement,” said Ted, who opened the doors of the Lake Bluff, IL, company in 1985 with one support-staff member. “We looked at every area of the business and tried to develop processes that simplified the scope and specifications of each job."

Ironically to create this useful system, Ted was forced to break from “traditional concepts” and end an age-old industry practice within his own four walls. He stopped the passage of policies, procedures and expectations via word-of-mouth, and instead wrote them down into practical points of reference so each team member could understand what was expected of them and where the company was headed.

“We recognized that, at some point, the messages we were sending out just weren’t making it to the team, and that was impacting the customer,” Ted explained. “When our team could see actual documents, instructions and details, our job accuracy and customer satisfaction went through the roof."

Traditional Concepts grew from two employees to a staff of more than 23 and annual revenues of $5 million by 2003. Ted opted to sell the company in 2004 when a solid offer was made.

Ted's focus on process improvement and relationship-building also won Traditional Concepts industry accolades and national acclaim. In 2000, the National Association of Home Builders honored them with its coveted National Remodeling Quality Award. They called the company’s operations manual a “benchmark quality practice,” and have made it the center of their process-improvement research.

Breaking from tradition and forging new standards in business are just two reasons why Mowery & Schoenfeld admires Ted Brown and his bold approach to business. We were an eager partner in the growth of his company, and were honored to hear him say, “Without solid accounting practices, many of our process improvements would not have worked,” Ted said. “I felt like the team at Mowery & Schoenfeld understood where I was headed and supported everything I tried to institute at Traditional Concepts.

“They were there throughout my growth and helped me tremendously when it was time to take the next step,” he added.

Mowery & Schoenfeld has been an enthusiastic supporter of Ted Brown’s success for more than 15 years, and we look forward to the innovations he’ll continue to make throughout his career.

MSLLC partnered with Traditional Concepts’ Past-President Ted Brown to implement solid accounting practices to help grow and eventually sell the award-winning remodeling business. “They were there throughout my growth and helped me tremendously when it was time to take the next step.”