Steven Gillhaus

Steven Gillhaus

Director of Wealth Management

Wealth Management
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Wealth Management


Steve believes in understanding both the financial and emotional sides of wealth management. His approach is holistic – including portfolio design, retirement planning, tax minimization strategies, college funding and wealth transfer strategies. Steve is focused on meeting the specific goals of each client.

With ten years of experience, Steve joined Mowery & Schoenfeld as the Director of Wealth Management in 2017. In addition to holding a CPA certification, Steve also completed the Chartered Financial Analyst investment program in 2008. He specializes in providing investment advisory and financial planning services.

Steve spends his evenings and weekends coaching and cheering for his children. He also looks forward to being taken for walks by his Golden-doodle, Henry.


In your own words, what is your job description?

Working as a wealth manager is a lot like putting together a puzzle. The pieces required are an in-depth understanding of what is important to each client, the individual’s aspirations for the future, plus a detailed knowledge of the financial situation at hand. Putting it all together into a road map for the future is a lot of fun. It is my job to reduce my clients’ worries through the financial planning process so that they can spend time focusing on what is most important to them.

What is your hidden talent?

I have the ability to effectively multi-task and watch a Cubs game, read sports or investment news on my iPad, and have a conversation with my wife about her day or the many activities of our children. My wife would likely disagree and question the extent of my talent in this area…

In your own words, what’s different about Mowery & Schoenfeld?

Not many firms are able to commit to such a high level of client service and technical excellence while promoting a culture of camaraderie and professional development for their employees. M&S has it figured out; it’s possible to serve clients at the highest level while doing it in a fun and professionally rewarding environment!